100% Pure Taranaki

Education and proactive engagement 

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100% Pure Taranaki Society are committed to our vision of creating an organic Maunga Taranaki / Egmont National Park, and believe people power is the best way to achieve this. We providing training for people interested in manual pest control and run trap lines to control pest species as we train our "apprentices". Please help us to purchase more traps, hire full time training staff and share our vision with the community


  • Facilitate the transition to an organic Maunga Taranaki (Egmont National Park).

  • Educate and raise public awareness on the ecology of Native areas.

  • Develop viable and feasible manual pest control options.

  • Develop training programs for entry into the pest control industry.

  • Support and encourage job creation and opportunities around the Taranaki region.

  • Endeavour to collaborate with other groups/organisations who share a common goal. 

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